Anti-Bias Workshops for Organizations

Anti-Bias Workshops for Organizations
Help make your workplace a safe, inclusive, more productive environment.

Why bring anti-bias trainings into the workplace?

Diverse and inclusive environments are more productive and profitable, yet innate human motives, and implicit (unconscious) bias processes, can get in the way of bringing about these positive environments. Our workshops will help you identify the underlying causes of stratified organizational structures and implement evidence-based solutions toward bringing about diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace. Workshop facilitation also includes experiential exercises to reinforce learning and listening with empathy and understanding.    

  • Assessment of organization climates
  • Becoming culturally competent individuals and organizations
  • How to be an antiracist in the workplace and beyond
  • Implementing structural solutions to reduce implicit bias
  • How to talk about racism – tackling tough conversations about race in the workplace
  • Understanding and tackling implicit bias in hiring, inclusion, promotion, and retention
  • Understanding and challenging racism and sexism in the workplace