Transformative Anti-Bias Workshops

Empowering organizations, schools, and communities to bring about equitable change.

Addressing assumptions about bias

We think of oppression in terms of categories such as classism, racism, sexism, or religious hatred, but these behaviors arise from the same underlying human predispositions.  In order to address racism, or any other type of oppression, we need to Stop!, and take a step back, to understand, and learn to manage these innate human predispositions.

Where We Work


We can help you develop strategies to help recognize and mitigate bias and prejudice in the office and beyond.


Anti-bias and anti-racist training is an increasingly important aspect of supporting student development and growth.


Foster more cohesive and productive neighborhoods with a community-based anti-bias workshop.

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Stop! Let's Talk about it! Workshops

Our Stop! Let’s Talk About It! workshops help participants identify how underlying motives and processes link to the implicit or unconscious biases that can maintain structural discrimination.  Evidence – based solutions are introduced to help participants bring about diversity, equity, and inclusion in their communities, organizations, and schools.

How can our trainings help you?

Racism, sexism, and numerous forms of prejudice are interwoven into the fabric of our society. Even if you believe that your workplace, school, or community organization does not struggle with any of these problems, you may be thinking about this from a place of inherent, unconscious bias. News stories abound of corporate giants coming under fire for allowing racism and other biases to run their course in the workplace. No individual or organization can begin to move past biases without first addressing them appropriately. Our workshops are designed to do just that in a number of settings. 


Feeling safe is critical for fostering trust, and should be the number one priority of every employer.

Workplace Satisfaction

Help to foster stronger relationships between employees and management.


Research shows that when people feel safe, they perform better.

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We are available to answer any questions you may have about our workshops, or to help you construct a custom training of your own.

Why Anti-Bias Training?

There is an increasing need for workplaces, schools, and community organizations to become interdisciplinary and not just understanding of, but accepting of differences so diversity can be celebrated rather than discouraged or ignored.

”I’ve been told that Negroes are not equal in intelligence or in their sense of reliability and that they are irresponsible… American ancestors took these black people forcibly from their homes so that white men could more easily acquire wealth. By suppressing and exploiting and degrading black people into slavery the white man was able to have an easier life. I really think that it is as a result of a desire to maintain this condition that modern prejudices stem.”
Albert Einstein on race and racism: Bucky, P.A. (1992). The Private Albert Einstein. In Jerome, F. & Taylor, R. (2005) In Einstein on race and racism (p. 151).

About Dr. Sandra Donnay

Sandra has decades of experience in research and teaching about unconscious bias and racism.